Attractions in Brussels

Grand Place
This is a large building that is rich in the history of the city. It is designed beautifully, and you could spend hours touring the building. The lights are turned on in the evening, and the building is lit majestically. There are several restaurants nearby so that you can try the famous beer of the city, and then you can tour the building.

Flower Carpet
If you like flowers, then you will enjoy this large area of color on the lawn of the city. The flowers are changed to a different pattern in the course of a few years. They are planted by hand, and they resemble the majestic beauty of the city. The flower carpeting event is held every two years because it takes this long to take the old flowers up and plant new ones. Visit the buildings near the flower carpet so that you can relax and take in the amazing sight.

Museum des Sciences Naturelles
You can take your children here during the summer, or you can take a class at school to learn about different areas of science. There are exhibits that allow you to explore dinosaurs and electricity, and there are exhibits that feature the human skeleton. Spend an afternoon exploring everything about science in on place. If you visit on the first Wednesday of the month, you can get in free.

Museum of the Armed Forces
Brussels is rich with military history. You can find out everything that you want to know by going to this museum. The outside of the building looks like it is from centuries ago, and the inside takes you back to a time when a military presence in the city was evident. There are model planes in the building as well as uniforms of people who fought for the freedom of the country. It is free to enter the museum, and you should plan on spending the majority of a day looking at everything.

Cantillon Brewery
Most people know that Brussels and the surrounding area are known for the varieties of beer. You can tour one of the breweries and find out how the popular beer is made and stored. You can walk through the brewery with a guide. You are given tickets so that you can sample two different beers at the end of the tour.